Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mother, mother, MOTHERFUCK Attila Csihar AND Maniac

You know, as someone who loved Mayhem well before the whole 2nd wave of black metal cash-in and pre-Grishnack bitch move, I really, really, REALLY fucking hate the whole persona of this band post-Euronymous. Burzum can suck my taint in hell, and so can the rest of Aarseth's former homies-turned-assholes. Mayhem minus Euronymous equals zero. Maniac wasn't that cool when he was singing "Eighteen and Life" and "Youth Gone Wild" the first go-round, and Attila? Um, yeah, I love Too Dark Park as much as anyone, but it wasn't a black metal album, so no I won't Fire Walk With You, Laura Palmer, or anyone else. And why in the fuck are you croaking like Alice The Goon on a fucking Mayhem record? Seriously? Why did you fuck up The Freezing Moon for us? WE DEMAND ANSWERS!

But to take it back a step further, let's be completely honest: Mayhem died with Dead. Sure, Morbid were awesome, but Mayhem was the band Dead was birthed to join, and their material with him stands as a true testimonial to one of the most blasphemous unions ever to walk the material plane. If you've heard the only 2 studio tracks that Dead graces with his supra-ethereal vocal presence (originally on the Cd version of Projections of a Stained Mind compilation: the Lp only has Carnage, The Freezing Moon is exclusive to the Cd) you already know the infernal majesty he was capable of conjuring with his vocal incantations. He was THE definitive Mayhem vocalist. Fuck, he buried his drawers until they were overwrought with maggots, and then wore them, and he huffed dead creatures fumes from a brown paper bag. He cut his wrists and THEN blew his domepiece off with a shotgun. His suicide note read "Please excuse the mess." You? You check facebook 10 times a day or more. Do the math.

So fellow filth celebrants, if you worship at the altar of Dead-fronted Mayhem, then you are seriously fucking up right now if you don't go to Hell's Headbangers or your preferred metal retailer and buy either the Cd or the Lp of Of Lord Satan's Mysteries. This is a rehearsal with Dead on vocals that was sent out to only a handful of contacts and has remained buried (by time and dust) ever since. This was recently issued on Cd and Lp with exclusive drawings, photos, and artwork that Per "Dead" Ohlin did, and it's fucking incredible. Featuring (then) new and classic tracks from the Mayhem catalog, these 7 tracks are well, well, WELL worth your money if you are an older Mayhem fan. The Lp has a poster the size of Hellhammer's hair/ego/musical affiliations, and the whole package is presented with the justice and the care that it merits. This one, unlike the glut of other non-official Mayhem garbage-ass releases, is worth the loot.

And don't worry: you haven't heard this before. I own no less than 12 Mayhem rehearsals from this time frame, and none of them are this one. There are no copies of this floating around on a message board or someone else's blog unless they are taken from this release. It sounds really, really, REALLY fucking good for what is obviously a live rehearsal recorded to analog tape. A/B the version of any of these tracks with their respective studio counterparts, and you cannot possibly say that modern Mayhem is better unless you are a Trivium fan. So if you are an old Mayhem fanatic, you cannot allow yourself to expire without owning and banging this release non-stop.

We won't be uploading this one yet as it's still in print, and well worth your scarce discretionary income to purchase. Follow the fucking freezing moon and cop this one before it's too late, and your paypal account is overdrawn on Ebay.