Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finland, again, shows us how it's done

It's funny how entire countries can follow musical trends, especially in the underground scene. Example: Sweden discovered Kiss, far too late in the game, and the entire populace followed suit. If this were not the case, Entombed's triumphant return with original vocalist LG Petrov wouldn't have been Wolverine Blues. And Dismember would have never recorded Massive Killing Capacity. And don't get me started on Disharmonization and Screaming Machines. Quit making excuses for em, these records all fucking sucked. As did tons of other releases from their statesmen around the same time, and the following years. Death n roll equals a giant "no fucking thanks" from me.

Finland didn't fare much better. Once Xysma discovered The Doors, everygoddamnone of their contemporaries followed suit. Convulse, Disgrace, Amorphis: you should all be ashamed. You released cutting edge demos and Lps, and then turned around and snowballed us all with a mouthful of psychedelic-influenced nut, when we just wanted to kiss and cuddle. Fuck you. And to the members of Pakeni: if I ever find you, I will beat all of you into a coma for that bullshit you released and tried to piggy-back on the success of the formerly mighty folks from the land of a thousand lakes. Which brings us to this...

The creative nucleus of Amorphis, before they resided under said moniker, first started making noise under the name Abhorrence, and what a sweet, sweet cacophony it was. First deathcalls were initiated with the Vulgar Necrolatry demo, and then they signed an ill-fated (who could have guessed it?) deal with Seraphic Decay records. The results? 4 blasts of Carcass-influenced death metal that reeked of foul atmosphere and morbid darkness. Yes, folks, the self-titled 7" is indeed a relic of a day long, long gone, with reverence for chainsaw guitars, blasting drums, and an overall aura of depravity. This is an undeniable classic of Scandinavian death metal, and a true testimonial to the power and fastidious nature of young Finns, locked up in the practice space, and left to their own devices.

This is death metal, played the way it should be, by dudes who didn't know better and who didn't care. This was also way before they got the text message from Lee Dorian giving the okay to flannel shirts and bell bottoms. Don't just take my word for it, get caught in a vortex of the holy laws of pain by downloading this bitch and blasting it immediately.

For you quality purists, this is ripped from the Seraphic Decay Records sampler Cd, into FLAC, then transcoded to V0 using dbpoweramp. Sure, I could have ripped the original 7", but why? The Cd sounds better, and there is less room for ripper error by bringing it to you this way. Besides, you don't own the original 7", and you sure as shit don't own the Cd sampler, so lick my taint, this is free and on my dime. Enjoy bastards.