Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Divine Eve-As The Angels Weep

In a time where domestic (ie-United States) death metal was busy ripping off Baphomet, then Cannibal Corpse, then Suffocation ad infinum, comes a true gem that any fan of the true school Scandinavian style could easily back. Hailing from the infernal wastes of Plano, Texas, Divine Eve roared out of obscurity with a deathcall to all things ghey in the form of their 4 song attack The Last of the Sunset Faded. With the exception of Splattereah and Crucifix, there weren't a whole lot of bands doing shit from Texas at the same time frame, and Divine Eve couldn't have been more different from their statesmen, or the rest of pretty much the entire US scene, with this release.

Steeped heavily in Hellhammer/Frost style attack, with a guitar sound straight out of Sunlight Studios, and with equal amounts of fast blasting and slow lumbering doom, Divine Eve were for sure an anomaly. These days tons of bands blend a myriad of styles to devastating effect, but they were for sure one of the first to do it so seemlessly, and so lethally. They were first made known to be when I did an interview for a zine I was running at the time with Lars Rosenberg from Entombed, and I asked him what bands he could mention that folks should check out. His answers: Merciless, Furbowl, and Divine Eve. Pretty good company, if you ask me. So you know the drill: a letter was composed, cash stuffed inside of colored paper, and I waited and waited until it arrived. And when it did: jesus titty-fucking christ, did my jaw ever-drop.

Apparently the demo had the same effect on Nuclear Blast, who reissued the demo, albeit with a different title, track order and cover, on a MCd within a few months of its release. This new release was dubbed As The Angels Weep, which brings us to this fine, fine upload. Expect nothing but unrelenting death, played at alternate breakneck and dying grasp tempos, with pure power, fury, and conviction that only death was real. And it's true. These 4 songs have yet to be surpassed by many and most bands, and it's doubtful they ever will. DE went on to record a handful of other promos and some cover songs, and then changed their lineup and name to Crimson Relic. That Cd, also hard to find these days, was pretty fucking good, but nowhere near the Kraken-like intensity these 4 jewels held. And while they have since reformed, and have a decent-ish new MCd out, well, this may very well have been the last of the sunset faded. They were just so ahead of their time, that after an almost 15 year break some might consider them to be an anachronism. I still think they show promise, and back fully their new outing, but this demo will always hold a special place in my heart, and also many a Scandideath maniac, I presume. So without further adieu, I present you with the As The Angels Weep, ripped first into FLAC and then into 320 using dbpoweramp. Enjoy!